Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cactus Soil Ingredient

Do you have this question when you move the cactus to the new pot: what is the good soil ingredient for the cactus?

Soil is one of the most important factors for the healthy & beautiful cactus and good drainage is essential to prevent cactus roots from rotting. The beginners can buy the ready-mixed cactus soil from the local garden shops. However, when you're experienced growers, you will realize that no soil mix is ideal for all cacti species. It will be better and save more your money if you can make your customized soil for the cactus.

Here is the important soil mix:

1. Pumice is a relatively light weight volcanic rock that is porous. Pumice is not available in many areas. You substitute with pearlite, non-soluble cat litter, aquatic plant soil or Turface, chicken grit, or another similar substance. The goal is to provide an inorganic substance that allows water to pass through the mix quickly.

2. Coconut fibre or coir. It can help hold moisture and air while providing structure to the mix. Unlike peat, coir can easily be re-wet after it dries out and it does not compact. If you cannot find coir, peat can be used as a substitute, but you may consider using less of it

Here is the different recipe. You can adapt them yourself:

A. commercial potting mix (peat based)
bark mulch
3mm pumice sand
7mm pumice
all equal parts.

B. One part (75% sandy loam, 25% peat, plus limestone for a neutral pH, and slow release fertiliser)
One part aggregate (gravel or pumice or perlite)

2 parts packaged potting soil
1 part coarse sand
1 part peat moss or leaf mold
Optional: slow release 14-14-14 fertilizer or bone meal

D. 2 parts packaged potting soil
2 parts sand
1/2 part leafmold or peatmoss
Optional Bone meal and Limestone

It is especially recommended for cacti and succulents that need a dry soil, such as desert cacti, agaves, and aloes. This formula creates a mix that feels coarse and sandy. Yet, it drains very quickly and doesn’t retain excessive moisture.

I usually place small broken clay pot pieces in the bottom of the container. It is as for some drainage material. You can choose Styrofoam packing peanuts, or small gravel rocks work well.

Cactus Item

Let's relax with the cute Cactus items!

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