Thursday, February 8, 2007

Wollemi Pine - Jurassic Tree

This morning I read House & Home section in New York Times and found an interesting plant. It's Wollemi pine. It's one of living plants which evolved themself to survived when all dinosour died. Wollemi pine was just discovered in 1994 in Wollemi National Park, 120 miles west of Sydney by David Noble, a bushwalker and national parks officer. The scientists premused that the tree had been itself extinct for 2 million years.

To preserve the Wollemi's genes and try the pine in a variety of growing conditions, botanists took cuttings from wild colony and started propagating baby pines. They were then sent to worldwide botanic gardens and now you can purchase a 12-inch plant from the Brooklyn garden's gift shop for $129 including shipping ( Or through National Geographic's online shope for 10-inch pine at $99.95 including shipping, too ( (I think it's good to buy from that website as I searched on internet for Wollemi pine sales and it recommended to buy through National Geographic website)

Now you can plant Wollemi pine indoor by putting in a cool sunny room and then outside on a terrace in the spring. You should give it as much light as possible by putting near a window or a doorway. And if winter tempuratures don't drop below 10 degrees, it can grow outdoor year-round. Anyway, according to the United States Botanic Garden in Washington D.C, the pine can survived with 20-degree winters.

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