Monday, July 30, 2007

Growing Sunflower

Growing sunflower can be a fun activitiy for adult and kid. Moreover, you can cut flower as for your house decoration or harvest its seed.

It is very important to carefully consider the types of sunflowers you intend to grow and where and how you intend to grow them.

Carefully select your seeds reading all of the information on the seed packs. Pay attention to the height of the plants, and the time to bloom, and the type of flowers.

Consider whether you are planting for cut flowers, or planting to harvest and roast seeds for eating. Maybe you want to plant your sunflowers in pots or create a barrier of sunflowers between you and your neighbors. Seeds for every type of planting are readily available. You just need to have some idea about what you want from your garden.

Sunflower seeds, in a number of varieties, are available at most local garden nurseries. Or you can buyw with mail order catalogs.

Preparing the seeds
It's a good idea to prepare the seeds before planting. It can ensure that you will not waste all seeds.

Cover the seeds in the tissue or towel paper and damp the paper with paper. Leave the seeds in the wet towel paper for 4-5 days BUT you should check every day that the paper are damp. If not, you should spray water to the paper. If the seeds begin to sprout, it means that the seeds are ready to be put into the soil.

Soil Condition

Sunflower plants are like any other plant. The better the soil the more heartier and robust the plant but sunflower are tolerant of heat and drought. The sunflowers like a soil that drains well and contains a lot of mulch. About two weeks before planting, you should mix a bit of steer manure into the soil.


The minimum sunlight is 6hrs a day to grow healthy plants. However, full sun is suggested for the better part of the day to grow strong healthy sunflowers.

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