Monday, December 22, 2008

New Year Party at Cactus Farm

Yesterday, I joined the New Year party with my friends who love cacti & succulent like me. There were about 60 people.

The party was 2 cactus farms near Bangkok. Both of them stayed very close and 3rd-generation owner. They got the farm as heritage from their family.

Here is the link to his website : I can confirm you will get beautiful, healthy and rare cactus.

In the party, people took their top cacti collection to sell and auction for the charity such ariocarpus imported from Japan, colorful haworthia or A. 3 ribs variegata.

Meanwhile, there was the charity lotto. The prizes were great cactus. Many people spent a lot of money to get the prizes. I got a yellow aloevara

Anyway, I bought the sharp knife from the old man in the party. He made it himself. The knife is made of stainless and its hilt is made from the local timber. So the knife is really sharp and strong for grafting or cutting plants according to my friend who ever used it before. Its price is really cheap : $8.

If anyone wants it, please feel free to contact me. I want to support him because he is retiree and good handicraft man.

You can see more photos of the party, cactus collection and nursery on the left side.

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This may be your greatest piece on the net!!