Friday, October 2, 2009

What kind of pot is suitable for Cactus???

Question: What kind of pot is the most suitable for Cactus?

There is no the most suitable pot for cacti. Everything and every material can be the good pot for your plants: plastic, ceramic, clay or something else. I ever recycled the stainless old pot and yogurt cups in my kitchen to grow cactus. They are healthy and grow OK. So the plastic pot can mean every plastic recycling package which can hold the soil and have the bottom draining hole. It reduces the plastic junk well.

Each kind of pot has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Plastic Pot
- Light weight, durable
- Cheaper
- has various sizes to choose
- doesn't look good comparing with another kind of pot
- not drain water well

- looks nice, can use as decorative in your house and garden
- expensive
- heavy to carry or move
- drain water well but the best is the clay pot.

Clay/Terra Cotta
- drain water well so you should water the plant in the clay pot more often than one in the plastic pot
- not too light or heavy weight
- broken easily

The kind of pot is not the big deal. The real key is to make sure that your pot has a lot of holes in the bottom to promote drainage as well as the good draining soil mix. It only makes sense to have a pot that is well draining too.

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