Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sanamluang II - one of most famous gardening markets in Bangkok

Have you got any ideas about the plant market in Thailand? Now, I will introduce one of the most famous gardening markets in Bangkok: Sanamluang II.  It opened in 1990 and locates the suburb of Bangkok .  It has the area about 15.80 acres.  In the past time, this area was used to be the orchid garden and the Bangkok Metropolitan turned it to be the public garden and market.  

Nowaday, there are many sellers in the market who sell almost everything you’d like to buy: orchid, plant, gardening tool, fish, pet, bird, pet fish, painting, antique, furniture, food, clothing, jewelry, home decoration, etc.  However, the best-seller categories are orchid, plant, fish, pet and food. 

Sanamluang II opens everyday but on Monday it is the wholesale market for every plant and Tuesday for fish as well as pet.  Anyway, most people go to there on the weekend to relax and shopping the plants and gardening decoration. 
Today, the temperature in Bangkok is about 91F-95F (31-35 C).  The sunny shine could burn you quickly and it was so hot that people tried to be under shade as much as possible.  The Bangkok Metropolitan also turned on the stream fan to reduce the warmth.
In fact, there are some cactus shops but they are small and have the plain cactus.  JJ (Jatujut) market, the biggest and best plant shopping market in Thailand is the meeting place for the cactus collector in Thailand. If you’re looking for the rare, strange, different cactus, you must go there.  In the next time, when I visit JJ market,  I promise to take the pictures and show you all. 

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