Monday, May 17, 2010

JJ market - biggest outdoor plant market

Now, Bangkok is not the safe & peaceful place to visit.  As a Bangkok person, I’d like to say that it’s the temporary aspect.  Bangkok still has another interesting place to go and today I want to introduce the biggest outdoor plant market in Bangkok.  It is called Jatujuk market (JJ market) which is the plant marketplace from midnight Tuesday to afternoon Thursday.   And on the weekend, it becomes the weekend market where you can find everything you’re looking for.
At the JJ market on the mentioned weekday, major group of visitor are plant wholesaler, garden designer, company officer (go to the market at the lunch) and general people looking for new plants & decoration for their gardens.
In the JJ market, people can find everything for gardening decoration, garden accessories & equipment, fertilizer and, importantly, almost every kind of plants such as herb, vegetable, orchid, cactus, flower, bonsai.  Most of plants are sold by the farm owner and importer.  Some beautiful and rare cacti are imported from Japan and USA.  So the hard-core, rich Thai collectors love to visit JJ market to see the new imported cactus in each week as well as talk about the cactus things.

 As JJ market is in the centre of Bangkok, you also can go to there conveniently with BTS Sky train, MRT subway, public buses and private cars.  Many people like to go by cars because it is more comfortable to take plants back home.  However, some people go with the public transportation and bring the plants back by Tuk Tuk (3-wheels local vehicle)
By the way, now it’s summer in Thailand and the weather is so hot and sunny.  People need to have an umbrella/hat or wear the long-sleeves shirt if they don’t to get burn or a fever.  Fortunately before the day I went to JJ market, it rained.  So it’s cooler.

Wish you guy will love JJ market and visit here in some days.

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