Wednesday, December 20, 2006

E-magazine for Cacti Amateur

Here I want to introduce you an interesting website about the Cacti: Cultivar It has two versions: English and Russian (because the webmaster is Russian.) The website provides the e-magazine, articles and photos about the cacti which collect and summarize from around the world. Moreover, you can find the To get the updated e-magazine, you can subscribe free of charge and here is the link of the latest e-magazine: Issue (3) 36 2006

From my opinion, this content in the magazine is interesting because
it comes from the various sources such as from Russia, USA, Canada. It's glad to learn the new information from the different places. Meanwhile, the website looks attractive and easy to understand due to the shown photos of the cactis with their science name.--Posted By Cactus Fans to Cactus Fans

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