Wednesday, December 27, 2006

When your cactus has the trouble with the mice

Have you ever got the experience? When you get up in morning, you find that the lovely cactus was bitten. Yes, now the mice becomes your problem.

And how to control the mice? Briefly, mice can be trapped live using special live-traps placed near walls, and the mouse released at a great distance from the house. If you do this, inspect the traps often and put a piece of carrot in the trap to provide moisture, or the mouse may die of dehydration before you find it. Alternatively, there are conventional traps which kill the mouse and a range of poisonous baits on sale in most good hardware shops. A cat is also said to be an effective biological control for mice. Rats are really a matter for professional exterminators, but a range of poisoous baits are available to control them.

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