Sunday, June 26, 2011

Free seeds of Gymnocalycium cacti to get

Recently, my Gymnocalycium cacti flowered and gave me some seeds. I want to give them for free because they are too many for me and it'll be a good practice to grow normal cactus from seed.  Then you'll know to do it with another cactus which may need more advance experience.

In the past, my friend ever gave the free seeds, then I learnt how to plant cactus from seed and now I want to do it to other people, too. Here is the picture of mother Gymnocalycium.

But you may need to pay $2 for shipping.  (Please don't forget that I live in Thailand.  If you stay here, I'll send you for free!) So if you'd like to get those seeds, please send money $2 via Paypal.  Here is my account :  There are limited amount: 3 sets (about 20-30 seeds/set)


Anonymous said...

Only God knows what I was supposed to do without your help, guys.

Anonymous said...

very interesting, thanks

cactuslover said...

There is no more seed. So please don't send the shipping anymore.