Thursday, June 2, 2011

Haworthia koelmaniorum

Family: Aloaceae 
Species: koelmaniorum 

Synonym: Haworthia koelmaniorum var. koelmaniorum, Haworthia limifolia var. koelmaniorum
Origin: South Africa (Mpumalanga: Pretoria area)

USDA Zone 10a: to -1.1 °C (30 °F)
USDA Zone 10b: to 1.7 °C (35 °F)
USDA Zone 11: above 4.5 °C (40 °F)

Sun Exposure: Light Shade to shade (Its leaves can be burn if the sunlight is too severe.)

Growth Habits: Stemless rosette, very slowly clumping, 2 to 2.8 inches in diameter (5-7 cm); 14 to 20 leaves.
Watering Needs: regular water (every 3-4 days/time) 
Bloom Color: White/Near White
Bloom Time: Mid-late Summer, Early Fall
Grown for foliage

Propagation Methods: By dividing rhizomes, tubers, corms or bulbs (including offsets) or leaf cuttings
From seed; direct sow after last frost, From seed; germinate in vitro in gelatin, agar or other medium.

 Other details: 
·       This plant is suitable for growing indoors like normal harworthia.   
·        Koelmaniorum grows slowly and can be rotten easily, too.  The plant is not cheap so its soil should be light and take care of it carefully.  You may mix the cactus soil and pumice in small size with the ratio 1:2.  I've been told that it worked.
·       Although Haworthia koelmaniorum naturally occurs in the summer rainfall area, the plants seem to have no problem when cultivated under similar conditions as their winter-growing relatives.



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